Tessa Swensen, owner of Swensen Virtual Solutions, saw an opportunity to turn her 13 years of administrative experience into a business that she could operate from home. She reached out to the best branding expert she knew, Tanya at Workstory, to help her create branding for her virtual assistant business. WorkStory created a logo, brand identity style guide, social media design templates, a pricing sheet and a personal branding photoshoot.

Tessa credit’s WorkStory’s help with creating her brand image, and her network connections, with being able to book up her schedule right away. She new she wanted to look professional right out of the gate so she could book serious, high paying clients who valued her expertise.

Watch the video above to see the brand identity package and some of the branding photos WorkStory created for Swensen Virtual Solutions.

Tessa joined us to help answer some questions about working with a virtual assistant. Questions like:

“How do I find a virtual assistant? What can they do for me? How do I choose the right one?”

Swensen Virtual Solutions, simply put, helps business owners do what they don’t like to do. “There are a lot of people who hate the day to day stuff and I love to do those things.’ Tessa says. When Tessa’s husband was laid off last year, she saw an opportunity. With everyone being at home, she decided to take Michaela Quinn’s Overwhelmed to Overbooked virtual assistant course. It helped Tessa set up her business and really things have taken off from there.

So, what is a virtual assistant and what do they do?

Virtual Assistants can be a variety of things, from online business managers to graphic designers to data entry. When you are looking for a virtual assistant you need to be specific, because most of them have a niche. 

Tessa considers herself a tech virtual assistant. ‘I love the back end part of online businesses, putting together the pieces of a puzzle.’ Tessa states.

For business owners who are self-described big thinkers, having a virtual assistant who helps you figure out details is highly valuable. Sometimes it’s all those little things that prevent people from moving forward with their business.

What will hiring a virtual assistant cost me?

The hourly pay for each virtual assistant will vary greatly depending on the task and their experience. ‘I calculate what I’m willing to pay based on the time it would take me and what my hourly rate is.’ Tanya says. If it takes you all day to perform a task like cleaning house, and it would take a professional 2 hours, then you’re looking at a high value exchange.

Does it seem like you could use a virtual assistant?

Tessa is available and can be reached at tessaswensen.v.a@gmail.com or through her facebook page.

You can also find a virtual assistant through Micheala Quinn’s job board, or places like Fiver and Upwork. For long term help it’s important to find someone you can rely on and trust, and local virtual assistants are available as well.

Looking to become a Virtual Assistant yourself?

Check out Micala Quinn’s Overwhelmed to Overbooked freelance course.

Are you interested in help creating branding for your virtual assistant business? It all starts with a WorkStory BrandStorm. Find more information below.

Looking to elevate your brand image or create a new one?

Schedule a WorkStory BrandStorm

The WorkStory BrandStorm is a deep dive brainstorm interview where we get to know everything about your business, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re looking to go. We will identify what your compelling brand story is and a plan for exactly what it looks like to infuse that into your branding and marketing so you can attract more ideal clients. Then you can decide to hire us to execute the plan or do it in-house. The plan itself is a valuable roadmap for you and your business, so it’s a win either way! The cost of the BrandStorm will be applied to your package when you decide to hire us.




  1. Hi Tanya, I don’t see the interview with Tessa! I went to watch but can’t find it!

    • Tanya Smith

      So sorry Ruth. Technical difficulties. It is now fixed and you should be able to watch it. Let me know if there are still issues. Thanks for the heads up.

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