Julie, from Cameo Hair and Beauty in Spokane, WA, has been doing hair and makeup for about 11 years. She first became licensed and certified as an Aesthetician (skincare and makeup) and then went on to get her Cosmetology license. 

Julie is the ultimate beauty UNICORN!!

Most of the beauty industry does either Aesthetics or Cosmetology, but Julie found that her services would be more desirable if she could do both. Whether it is a Corporate Brand shoot, Personal Brand shoot, Headshots, or video, Tanya, from WorkStory Photography has found both of Julies services very valuable. 

I was on the hunt for someone that could do hair AND makeup for my photoshoots. I found Julie and she is that magic unicorn that can do it all! She comes on location, it is one less thing for my clients to stress about on that day and I only have to worry about scheduling with one person instead of two.

What does the process look like when getting your hair and makeup done for a photoshoot?

A week or two before the shoot Julie will meet with the client and discuss what they like, how they usually wear their hair and makeup and what professional look they are going for. She coaches them on what their colors are good for them, what kinds of styles they are into and makes suggestions on what will show up in pictures as timeless and on brand (IMPORTANT since this is most likely a Branding Photoshoot!)

The day of the shoot is super simple and enjoyable! Julie shows up with ALL of her stuff; the client doesn’t need to bring anything unless they have a specific product they like.  A cup of coffee or tea and great conversation starts the whole process, and it is smooth sailing from there until the shoot begins.

Tips for successful hair and makeup on a shoot.

  1. Airbrushed foundation
    • Does not come off until you wash it off…not with crying or sweating!
    • The #1 reason you would want to get your makeup done professionally.
  2. Enhance your natural beauty, don’t change it
    • Hairstyles and makeup that make you feel confident and comfortable are the best for photos. They bring out the YOU in your photos.
  3. If you have concerns, talk about it
    • This should be the motto for everything in life…but especially for hair and makeup it is essential. If you don’t feel comfortable with how you look then you will not like your pictures and will not want to use them. You won’t hurt the artist’s feelings…talk to them!

On Zoom calls or LIVE videos consistently?

Here are some tips and tricks for looking your best on camera, from your home.

  1. Lighting – You need to have some kind of light directed towards your face (note from Tanya: white light is best, around 5500 kelvin)
    • Sitting in front of a window with natural light coming in
    • A lamp pointed toward you
    • A ring light – These are made specifically to enhance your face and can make 100% difference in the quality of your videos. You can find inexpensive ones on Amazon. Even a small one made for cell phones will be sufficient.
  2. Your top half – This most likely is the only part that will be seen on camera, so think about what will enhance those feature AND what will not enhance those features.
    • No large and crazy patterns
    • No solid white – it will wash you out
    • Choose your power color – Something that enhances your skin tone and possibly is part of your brand
    • Women – Add an accessory to look more polished: Earrings, a scarf, a statement necklace
    • 5 minute hair – 
      • Long to medium length hair – Do a bun. Fast, sophisticated, and you can see our face really well
      • Shorter hair – Tuck behind your ears or slick it back
      • Focus on the front of the hair, no one sees the back!
      • Dry shampoo – keep trying ones until you find the one you like. Baby powder or cornstarch work if you are in a pinch
    • 5 minute face – 
      • Concealer under the eyes and/or on skin blemishes
      • Moisturize – this could be with a tinted moisturizer or not
      • Fill in the brow slightly if needed
      • Eyes – curl lashes and a few coats of mascara
      • Some kind of blush and lip color
      • Men – Clean shaven or groomed facial hair

Looking for a Make Up Artist or other beauty needs? Find Julie on Instagram at @cameohairandbeautybyjulie or text or call her at 509-993-6733.

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