Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

The popularity of social media and other digital platforms has made content marketing more accessible to businesses than ever before. But it can also be overwhelming, ineffective and down right confusing!  Unless you have the right strategy.  In this video training, I share tips for creating the right kind of […]

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What Happens After Your Photoshoot?

A glimpse into the post production and retouching process After the pre-planning meeting and your branding photoshoot, now I am going to load your images into my computer and develop them. In the past, a photographer would have developed the images in a darkroom, then use those negatives to create […]

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Corporate brand photography

Why You Should Hire a Specialist

You should hire a photographer who specializes in visual communications if you want to use the images to market or brand your business.  Rather than hiring a regular portrait photographer or your uncle Bob. Someone like WorkStory Photography is going to be an expert in branding, marketing and design. Before […]

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What if You Don’t Feel Photogenic?

I so I hear a lot from people that they’re not ‘photogenic’. Have you said that? I feel like every time I walk in a room, especially for corporate headshots where there’s a group of people, who do not necessarily want to get their picture taken, but their bosses said […]

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