Do You Need a Content Creation Retainer?

We’re going to talk about a content creation retainer.  I have had a lot of clients approach me lately saying ‘We create these photos, but I need new photos every month with videos. I need all this content, can you help me?’ My answer is yes! In fact, I am […]

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How Much Does Branding Photography Cost?

The number one question I get asked for inquiries is: how much does branding photography cost? The answer is it depends on what you need. What do you need the photos for, how many do you need, what size of business are you? Obviously if Nike or Pepsi came to […]

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Is WorkStory The Right Photographer for You?

Every business could benefit from professional branding photography, but not everyone is ready to hire WorkStory. So how do you know if we’re the right branding photographer for you? As I was doing my business planning I kind of guessed at first about who our target market was. I was […]

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WorkStory Photography Behind the scenes

How to Choose the Right Branding Photographer

Hey, Tanya here from WorkStory. Today I met with a client who told me that she has been looking for a photographer to help her with her marketing images. In the past, she hired photographers who created beautiful pictures but they weren’t working for her marketing. She was so excited […]

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