Rena McGill is the co-founder of Corlinc, a web based solution for small businesses to connect with their community.

WorkStory created some custom videos for Corlinc when they were seeking funds for their startup and we’ve enjoyed seeing the company evolve through the years. In this interview I sit down with Rena to talk about the importance of defining, and catering to, your target market, as well as how she’s pivoted her business to offer more value to them.

Rena McGill knows how to take small brands from concept to launch with a method a smooth as butter. She quickly realized the value in offering an all in one platform to small brands at an accessible price and therefore her company Corlinc was born. 

‘If we were going to offer a solution, it needed to be something that handheld brands all the way from the beginning through distribution.’

In fact, when you have a fragmented brand experience, meaning you market across multiple platforms that don’t integrate with each other, it impacts your bottom line by roughly 11%. That can mean the difference between success and failure for small brands. Corlinc even aggregates your social media feeds into one simple location. 

Another huge benefit of using Corlinc is that it contributes to your own websites SEO.

‘We had a large nonprofit who utilized Corlinc over a 90 day period for an annual event, they increased their revenue by 30%. They had been ranking at the 5th or 6th spot on google but over that 90 day period they rose to the number 1 spot.’

Corlinc decided to offer Corlinc University to their customers to increase value through education and mentorship. It had been in the works for a while but when the pandemic hit, Rena saw the perfect opportunity and timing to launch the university. The content features interviews with experts in their field. Recent features include podcast and side-gig experts. Through this process, Corlinc came to own Podcast EZ, launching in late May 2021. It was founded with one of the original podcast founders, Rob. An important part of offering an effective podcast is distribution, and Podcast EZ distributes to 32 platforms in total. Another unique offering from Podcast EZ is that each client is assigned a producer, an actual real person! 

At its core, Corlinc is a 3 part company:

  1. A platform for marketing small businesses
  2. Corlinc University for education
  3. Podcast EZ for a simple podcasting solution

Rena comes from a long line of successful women entrepreneurs. ‘It started with my foundation, I come from about 145 years of successful women entrepreneurs. It’s been ingrained in me from day 1 that we can be more, we can do more and that you accomplish that when others lift you up and support you.’

If you feel like Corlinc is a good fit for your brand, visit their website here.

Email for a free target audience worksheet.

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