Erin Peterson of Guild Creative hired us early this year to create a library of images for use on her website and social media. Erin is a social media guru, specializing in helping local Spokane area businesses connect with their audience and grow their customer base through authentic digital marketing. Guild Creative is just one facet of the empire she’s creating in Spokane. She founded the Spokane Guild, which celebrates amazing food, culture, businesses and activities in our area. It’s become a trusted resource for find the best of all things in Spokane. She’s also a paid “influencer”, speaker and educator with a background in technology education and a former public school teacher, not to mention wife and mother to two boys! In short, she’s basically Super Woman…

Erin recently featured WorkStory Photography and our founder Tanya on her blog and wrote the most glowingly awesome review. You should definitely check it out by clicking here. We’d like to quote a few little gems that will be valuable to any business who is looking to level up their digital marketing game.

“It is rare to find a photographer that is a true artist and professional all rolled into one, and when I do, I hold on tight, ensuring that I have them in my corner for professional branding images. In today’s digital landscape and uncertain times, there is nothing more important than having a thoughtful and high-quality presence on the internet…Enter branding photography expert and Spokane resident, Tanya Goodall Smith of WorkStory Photography.”

Erin Peterson, Guild Creative

Erin is a talented photographer herself, so she has high standards and was looking for someone who could deliver. If you’re not a photographer and aren’t sure what to look for, she offered this advice…

“What do I want? Photos so sharp that you can see every hair on a person’s head, that they read light beautifully with vivid colors and flattering shadows, and most of all, that they provoke a real emotion. A powerful feeling just from looking at the picture. That’s where marketing magic comes into play, and an experienced eye with detailed planning makes all the difference.”

Erin Peterson, Guild Creative

Erin was impressed with our signature WorkStory planning session, which guides our clients through the entire process and ensures everyone is prepared for the best outcome possible on the day of your photoshoot. Here’s what she had to say…

“I was immediately impressed by her thorough intake process. It’s more like an interview and Iditarod planning session all rolled into one. We talk outfits, props, location, light, and goals, and it seems more like a fun conversation with a friend than work because of her inherent charm and communication style. The resulting library of images is able to carry me not just through this year, but beyond, and I can use them in a wide-variety of professional applications… Simply put, I won’t trust anyone else in town with my needs from this point forward, and working with her is now a permanent line item in my budget for my business.”

Erin Peterson, Guild Creative

Just shortly after our session with Erin the world shut down due to Covid 19. Because Erin had her library of carefully created images designed to communicate her core message and personality, no matter what state the world was in, she was able to continue growing her business and connecting with her audience by posting emotion evoking images to social media and her blog. She also had her website revamped and used several of the images there.

Follow Erin on Instagram to the gorgeous, fun, authentic images we created for her in use on her feed.

Erin, we love working with you and look forward to our continued collaborations!

Looking for help creating your own library of branded images for your digital marketing? Contact us for a free consultation.


  1. Great photography is essential if you want to get the most out of social media marketing.

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