We’re going to talk about a content creation retainer. 

I have had a lot of clients approach me lately saying ‘We create these photos, but I need new photos every month with videos. I need all this content, can you help me?’ My answer is yes!

In fact, I am really moving my business in this direction, I’d like to work with a smaller set of clients on a regular basis, who want someone who understands their brand, who can come in and create content that is brand specific, that is communicated to your target audience and that is quickly executed. 

What is a Content Creation Retainer?

So what is a content creation retainer? This is when you know you’re going to need photos and videos on a regular basis. So whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or maybe twice a year, anything less than twice a year really isn’t a retainer – that would just be you hiring me once a year. The retainer would be a 12 month commitment usually where we have a contract, come up with what works and what doesn’t. Then I’m going to commit to getting you in my calendar first, showing up for you based on what we decide is what you need. I am going to help you figure out what we need to shoot, if you’re launching some courses or you’re blogging or doing lots of social media and then we’ll create content for you. So you can plug it into marketing. Maybe you have a marketing team working for you, or you’re doing it yourself. And they need content, they need high quality photos, videos, that you can use it in your online marketing methods.

Who Needs a Content Creation Retainer?

So who typically needs this? I have found that service based businesses, dentists, massage therapists, anyone like that, who is offering a service, face to face. In their social media especially, people want to see the person who’s giving them the service. And so if you’re doing content marketing and things like that, where you need ongoing content, new photos, testimonial videos, video showing what you do telling your story. Also, anyone who has an online course or a series of courses that you’re watching, and you’re constantly needing to create videos to sell those, add funnels, Facebook ads and so forth. Or perhaps it’s the course material itself that you’re creating. Those are the people I find are reaching out to me for this. 

How does having a content creation retainer help you?

Have you ever tried to sit down and film or photograph yourself with a tripod and it takes forever and half the time you don’t even end up with a usable image. So having someone come in and do all of that for you, who knows what they’re doing, who is an expert and who’s going to make you look good. Right off the bat, it’s going to save you time. And you know, especially when you are making money, you’re at the point where you’re ready to outsource tasks. So that is how we can help. 

Taking Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Also, if you’re wanting to level up the production value. Maybe you are DIYing it and it is working for now, but you’re taking things up to a national level, or you want to charge more money, being professional photos, videos, maybe you need help with your graphic design, I can point you in the direction of that or help you come up with a strategy so that’s going to level up your brand image as far as your visuals go.

How Much Does it Cost?

So the last questionI’m sure you’re wondering is how much does it cost? Well, this depends on frequency. Is it monthly? Is it quarterly? Do you need photos and videos? Do you just need me to come shoot for one hour or a whole day? So we’re going to determine that and have a meeting, but in general users are paying $1,300 to $2,000+ per month. This is definitely for a business that’s generating income from this content.  So if a content creation retainer is something that you need help with and you’d like more information, I want to be in touch with you. Email me through our Contact Us page and I’ll be in touch! I only have a certain number of spots in my calendar for that so I can only commit to a certain number of people. I want this to be high touch, you get the attention and service that you need. I’ll see you in the next video. 

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