I get a lot of questions about headshots, so I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

AreYou Sure You JUST Want a Headshot?

The first thing that I ask is what do you mean by headshots?

Do you mean you just want one picture or a few pictures of yourself from the shoulders up as a profile picture for your business card or social media? That’s a headshot

Yes, I can do that and I often will do it for larger groups in Spokane & Coeur d’Alene, for example – the staff photos for a company website. I typically don’t do that for individuals because it costs quite a bit of money to go on location and set everything up. If you just need one photo, it’s not very cost effective but I will do it, for one to five people. It’s going to cost the same amount of money, whether there’s one or there’s five. I just have to charge that kind of minimum. 

So, if you just need one photo, I would see if you can organize a group, or if your office is willing to put together an event where I come and photograph the whole team. That can be more cost effective, or if you want me to come out and create five images for you. That’s going to be the same cost as if it’s 5 people getting one headshot. I do that a lot for 20 to 30 or more people. I’ll come out and photograph you all at the same time and make you look really professional as a team.

When You Want MORE Than a Headshot

Often times people refer to ‘headshots’ as brand narrative photography, which is what we specialize in at WorkStory. It isn’t necessarily a headshot. So that’s why I like to ask what you mean. If you want a bunch of photos to use to sell your products and services for your business, that’s absolutely what we do, but it’s not going to cost you 100 bucks. Especially for creating a work story for you, which is what we would do. This is that whole process that I talked about before where we communicate ‘Who is your target audience? What are you gonna wear? What’s the location?’. All of that kind of stuff is way more involved than just you coming into the studio and getting one headshot. 

The On-location Headshot Process

So for a traditional headshot, I thought I’d just explain the process to you, especially if you are a group like a corporate team. What does it look like for me to come in and do headshots for your team? I travel to you, which is super convenient. You don’t have to send your staff down to a studio somewhere. They don’t have to leave their desk for long. In fact, it usually takes me between two and five minutes to photograph each person depending on how many options you want provided for them. So I come to you, I set up my lighting. We’ll go into a spare office, conference room, the lobby, or sometimes outside. I’ve had clients who want that look of a blurred out outdoor background, which is super fun if the weather cooperates. Usually I can photograph about 10 people per hour. So that’s how we can budget our time. It’s a good idea to provide a list of everyone who needs to be photographed. Maybe tell people ‘Hey, don’t leave the office between 10 am and 1 pm because that’s when we’re going to be doing headshots.’

Retouching Is Included

I do include retouching with my headshots. Usually, that involves removing blemishes or shadows under the eyes, people usually want me to lighten lines or wrinkles around their eyes. Hair, people are often concerned about their hair, they’re like ‘Oh I have a hair out of place!’ Don’t worry about your hair, it’s easy to touch up hairs in Photoshop. I can remove fly aways and smooth everything out. If there’s hair in front of your eyes then that’s really hard to fix. So I look out for that during the photoshoot. Chins tend to be a common area for touch ups, but I try to pose you in a way that avoids a double chin. Arms, a lot of the time I’ll slim arms. During your headshot session, if there’s anything you have concern about just let me know I’ll make a note of it. I usually send teams an online gallery so that each person can go in there and choose the headshot they want. Then they can send an email requesting any specific retouching they’d like to see done. 

The other option would be for me to sit down with you right after your session in your office, if you have time. That way you can look at your images on my laptop and choose the one you want. Sometimes big teams won’t have the time, so a gallery is usually arranged but if it’s one to five people a small group or individual, I like to sit down with each person and determine what touchups to do. That can also be helpful because I can help you to choose your favorite photo. Sometimes people will ask ‘Which one do you think will be the best if I want to communicate wartm and approachability?’

So, that’s how the process goes for team headshots. If you’re looking for headshots in Spokane & Coeur d’Alene, let me know. Occasionally I’ll do a headshot event, which is an option for more affordability if you just need one headshot. And then of course, if you’re looking for more of that narrative photography, telling your story, ask me about that and we can set up a meeting to discuss it. So I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you in the next video.

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