Not sure how to find the right photographer for your business? Spokane photographer Tanya Goodall Smith, owner of WorkStory Photography, shares tips on what to look for, the right questions to ask and what to avoid when searching for a corporate photographer or personal branding photographer.

Did you hire a regular portrait or wedding photographer to create images for your business website, online course or marketing funnel and weren’t happy with the results? Most retail portrait photographers aren’t trained in how to create images that are designed to help communicate your message and sell your product or service, which is why you need to hire someone who specializes in corporate or branding photography.

Tips for Finding the right photographer for your business marketing needs

  • Ask a fellow business owner or marketing manager who created their images on their website and social media (if they are great images that you love)
  • Find that photographer online and look at their portfolio. If you see photos of weddings and babies they likely don’t specialize in commercial photography
  • Look for a photographer who specializes specifically and only in branding, corporate or commercial photography for businesses similar to yours
  • Contact the photographer and ask for specific examples of how some of their clients are using the images they created for them in their marketing (website, social media, ads)
  • Ask for an in-person meeting with the photographer. Do they show up on time? Do they have professional processes in place? Do they have a written agreement for you to sign? Do they offer commercial usage rights without requiring you to tag them or give them credit in publications for the image creation?
  • Consider the price point. You get what you pay for.

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