In the video in my last post about our photography post processing workflow, I mention that editing photos is like “developing film.” Digital “film” or the sensor on a camera, collects data and stores it on a memory card. Then the person editing the data gets to decide what to do with it. We could make it black and white, high contrast, soft and airy. We get to choose! And you and your brand voice can help direct that, too. Below we’ll show certain styles that could be an option for you as we edit your photos.

One of the tools we use to develop your images is something called a “preset.” This is a pre-designed set of instructions to develop your image into a certain style. Photographers can create their own develop presets, purchase presets created by others or use default presets provided by the software they use. We’ve tried several through the years but our favorite is the Visual Flow presets from SLR Lounge and DVLOP. 

These presets are preferable because they are designed to be complimentary to the lighting style that was used to create the photos. Whether we used natural light outdoors, a flash indoors or a mix of tungsten and window light, these presets help us turn your dull raw images into beautiful visual communications that are consistent and professional looking.

We tend to develop in a Modern style, crisp, bright, natural looking. But we can certainly edit in a different way that fits your brand voice if you’re looking for something else. Here are a few examples of different editing styles you might choose.



Modern is our go-to style. It’s perfect for modern brands, portraits and corporate or personal branding. If you’re looking for a clean, crisp and colorful style, Modern is perfect. It’s how we’ll edit your photos unless you specifically ask for something else.



Pastel is great for outdoor scenes that contain a lot of greenery. It softens that “neon” green look that can often happen when there’s a lot of grass and trees combined with bright sunlight. It’s also great for softer, feminine or juvenile brands that want a washed out, pastel look.



Crush is characterized by darkened shadows and a lot of contrast. It also tends to push images toward a blueish hue and is perfect for photos at the beach or with wide open blue skies. We don’t use crush very often, since we shoot for most of our corporate minded clients indoors in neutral office spaces, but if you’re a surfer or have a swimsuit line of clothing or work by the lake, call to book us now (especially if you’d like to fly us to a tropical destination) and we’d likely recommend this style of editing! 



Northwest is a trendy, muted look. This style works for outdoorsy lifestyle brands who want that Pacific Northwest Vibe that goes well with sunset, golden hour shoots. If you’re looking for a photographic style that will appeal to lovers of REI, The Great PNW or Pataegonia, this one’s for you.

Black & White


Black & White is a timeless, upscale look that can work for discerning brands if used correctly. It can also project an old fashioned vibe so we recommend you use Black & White carefully. If Black & White imagery is part of your brand style, please let us know during your pre-production strategy session so we can plan to light and shoot your images accordingly.

Which editing style appeals to you? Do you have something else in mind? We can literally create or match any style you’re looking for if you have a specific photographic style that is an important part of your brand strategy. 

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