Kristin Deese, owner of Catalyst Consulting, has taken her background in operations and business management and created a powerhouse consulting company. She is the go-between for solo-preneur business owners looking to scale and organize their business for more success. Kristin focuses on teaching her clients DIY resources – checklists, continuing education, and social media resources. Her “superpower” is strategic big picture planning and she loves to create structure out of chaos!

How to identify what systems and workflows you need to implement first

1. Write down each step of every process that you do – Try to AUTOMATE things that you are repeating often! Create templates instead of reinventing the wheel with every client. Ask an expert what tools are out there to help implement and automate systems. 2. Get out of your brain – A coach is helpful to sort through thoughts and put things into a different perspective. They can see things that you can’t, like a specific system order. They are the sounding board to helping you put the puzzle together. 3. Typical systems that you can outsource RIGHT NOW!
  • The things that YOU don’t have to do
    • Email inbox management, social media management, graphic design, advertising
  • Things that you HATE doing, but that are critical to your business
    • Data entry, accounting, calendar management/scheduling, project management, phone calls
You may consider hiring a virtual assistant to help with some of these tasks. Not sure where to start with that? Check out our article on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Every business has problems, or at least could be more efficient. By hiring a business consultant, like Kristin, they can identify the problems, where they are coming from and then fix them by streamlining communication processes. They can identify and create fully functioning systems and then pass them all off to your team. This bypasses so much miscommunication between the management and employees.

5 of the biggest mistakes small businesses make

  1. Trying to do too much – even if it is what you love
  2. Trying to do too much of what you hate…which is usually things you aren’t great at anyways
  3. Not being able to let go of the control – doing things that are not bringing in revenue or need your creative expertise.
  4. Mindset roadblocks
  5. Don’t trust that the experts you hire will do what you need – they are the EXPERT! Let them work their magic on you!
“YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! Don’t focus on what you aren’t able to do; think outside the box, find ways that you CAN do what you want to do, and GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!”

Need help managing your business?

Check out Kristin’s website at and get a free social media starter kit!! Also follow her on Facebook and Instagram @catalystconsultingservice  and on her Facebook group Business Support for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Looking to elevate your brand image or create a new one?

Schedule a WorkStory BrandStorm

The WorkStory BrandStorm is a deep dive brainstorm interview where we get to know everything about your business, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re looking to go. We will identify what your compelling brand story is and a plan for exactly what it looks like to infuse that into your branding and marketing so you can attract more ideal clients. Then you can decide to hire us to execute the plan or do it in-house. The plan itself is a valuable roadmap for you and your business, so it’s a win either way! The cost of the BrandStorm will be applied to your package when you decide to hire us.

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