When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, Jennifer was already contemplating giving up her event planning business, due to the lifestyle that event planning had become. This massive shift in the world forced her to make a decision, and a pivot, quite quickly. 

Her decision changed her life and her event planning career indefinitely!!

Since live events had been canceled everywhere, Jennifer had to pivot into a new way of event planning. Enter the new world of virtual events and fundraisers!  She decided to change her brand completely by starting over. New company name, new way of planning, and new branding.

This is where WorkStory comes into the picture. We did some pre-shoot coaching on what to expect and what to do to prepare for her shoot, what things would she need these photographs for in the future, what messages would she want to convey to her clients through her photos? 

Your eye on the noise was amazing. I wanted to do the pictures on the rooftop of the Davenport Hotel but you brought to my attention the visual noise that was there. You suggested another place and those pictures are some of my favorite ones we got. 

With the many contacts that Jennifer has from event planning, she states that she has been very lucky in finding a quality photographer for her needs.  “…but in events, especially non-profits, people try to cut corners by not budgeting for a photographer,” Jennifer says. “Often they cannot use any of those photos. I now tell my clients to just budget for a good photographer that will pay off.”

Why WorkStory Photography?

Jennifer and Tanya, the owner of WorkStory Photography, worked together in the local NAWBO chapter. Jennifer saw first-hand how Tanya worked with other like minded business woman and made their brands effortlessly come to life. She was impressed time and time again with how much WorkStory brings to the table and offers their clients. She says, “You can find someone cheaper to take your pictures but you will not get the same quality that WorkStory has to offer. The coaching, the eye for detail, graphic design and marketing!”

“[Since I have been completely changing my brand]…I now know that I should have come to you first for personal branding photography instead of doing things backwards.”

With the help of WorkStory Photography, Jennifer has been able to take her new brand to the next level.

Planning an event or Fundraiser and need some help?

Contact Jennifer at jennifer@eventsbyjenniferevans.com or see her on her website Jenniferevans.events.

Looking to elevate your brand or create a new one?

Schedule a WorkStory BrandStorm

The WorkStory BrandStorm is a deep dive brainstorm interview where we get to know everything about your business, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re looking to go. We will identify what your compelling brand story is and a plan for exactly what it looks like to infuse that into your branding and marketing so you can attract more ideal clients.

Then you can decide to hire us to execute the plan or do it in-house. The plan itself is a valuable roadmap for you and your business, so it’s a win either way!

The cost of the BrandStorm will be applied to your package when you decide to hire us.

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