Non Profit


The Spokane Housing Authority is a non profit organization who's mission is to collaborate to create and sustain quality affordable housing options that support people to have better, healthier, and more satisfying lives. Their vision is that all community members have access to safe, healthy, and affordable homes.

Session Setup

4 days of shooting 12 properties, including their new headquarters, and board member headshots. We also had one day of location scouting and pre-production planning, found and coordinated all the models and props for each property and provided retouching on final images used for their website.

We coordinated with their website designers to make sure we were producing photos appropriate or each page.

Client Goals

  • Create photos of the exterior and interior featured spaces for each of their 11 multi-unit properties.
  • Create headshots of their current board  members with the same backdrop and lighting for consistency.
  • Showcase their remodeled and updated spaces.
  • Create images appropriate for each page of their updated website.