I am so glad that I hired Tanya Smith, Workstory to do my complete company branding and headshot.

Tanya met with me, asked great questions and really understood what I wanted to create as a brand for my company. She took the time to know me, know my business, and know my ideal client.

I loved working with Tanya! She really listened and totally understood what I wanted to create. She had a kind and supportive way of interacting. Even when I made suggestions that were way off base, she took the time to educate me so that I could come to the decision that my suggestions weren’t the best. She never just told me how it had to be. She listened, asked great questions, and educated. I felt very affirmed and like we were partnering in the creation of my brand. Tanya came up with the company name, the logo design and colors. She was spot on every time!

When I did the reveal of my brand everybody loved it! People said the brand totally capture the nature of my business and my personality. Shortly after my brand reveal I did a trade show in which everything I displayed was either designed by Tanya or approved by Tanya. Has I was looking for the pieces for my trade show booth, I realized that Tanya had become the branding voice in my head. So I made great decisions. And boy did it pay off! Out of all of the people that came and engaged at my booth, only 9 were not my ideal client. Of the ideal clients that came to my booth 20% set up a follow up meetings with me! That is outstanding results for a trade show! Tanya nailed it!

Having Tanya do my headshot was an amazing experience! The hair and makeup artist was wonderful! Tanya had a sixth sense on how to put together the different outfits and accessories that I brought. She made me feel relaxed and made the headshot photo experience fun.

Tanya made me look amazing! The photos were “model” quality, totally professional while still capturing my personality. She made me look my very best!

The difference between Tanya’s professional headshot and my own photo that I had been using for a headshot was night and day. Stop using your selfies and go see Tanya!

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