In this video I talk about the difference between visual communications, designed to sell, versus just creating pretty pictures.

Of course you want your branding pictures to look pretty. You want them to look nice, but it’s more effective to have images that are actually communicating something desirable to your client, whether that is setting expectations for what they can expect when they come into  your office or buy your service or product, or whether it’s for building trust with your clients or setting up a perception of value for your client. There are many things we can do to communicate your message in order to sell your product or service more effectively and to strengthen your brand. That’s the whole point of hiring someone to create visual communication photos for your marketing. 

So I want to talk about a few of these things. 

A Photo is Worth 1000 Words

Number one: a photo is worth 1000 words. You hear that adage a lot right, and it really is true. Think about when you see a picture in an ad or something. All the things that you make up about that image, that aren’t written in copy on that ad. In fact, we can create a photo, put it in an ad with no other words, just your logo, and communicate a bunch of different things to your audience.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re a pediatrician’s office, and you want to communicate to your clients that you are modern, up to date, clean, you have the latest technology, you’re kind and caring, your customers love you, all of those things. I absolutely know that we can communicate all of those things with just the photo. We could make sure your background looks really clean, there’s not a lot of clutter, the decor in your office is updated and clean if that’s what you want to communicate.

If you have 90s wallpaper borders and fake flowers, and ivy going on, and you’re trying to communicate that you’re updated and modern, then that’s not gonna work. Because if you buy a stock photo let’s say of this clean, white modern building and you put it on your website. People go to your website and they see that, then they show up at your office, with your dusty fake flowers, and mauve carpet. They’re going to lose trust in you, because they’re going to think “On the website, it looked like I was going to have this experience, and then when I showed up in person, that’s not what I got.” 

So, that’s a disconnect I see a lot with people using stock photos.

You can set an expectation with the photos that you show. Make sure what you’re showing is what people are actually going to get. Back to the example. Let’s say you want to show people that you’re caring and kind. We can make sure that the body language and the facial expressions of the doctors in the photos and the patient models are communicating that.

Let’s say you want to show that you’re using the latest technology. You could show updated computers or equipment that is state of the art that you’re using in your photos, and that will communicate to people that you’re using the latest technology. Versus, if they show up and you’re still writing in paper charts and you show that in the picture, that might communicate to people that you’re old fashioned.

Maybe you want to communicate that we’re an old fashioned family practice. “We take the time to listen to you.” That could be a completely different message that might be right for you and your ideal client. That’s why it’s so important to know who that ideal client is, and what you want to communicate to them, so we can make sure we’re showing that in images.

Setting Expectations & Building Trust

Setting expectations can be done through images, as I’ve mentioned before, and building trust. I don’t know very many people these days who will make an appointment for a service without first going online, looking at a website, looking at social media, or asking their friends. Even if they get a recommendation from a friend, most people are going to go online and search.

They’re going to look at the website, the pictures and the reviews that people leave. Those are all part of your brand. I perceive a lot by what I’m seeing in photos, and I’m not the only one. I’ve had several people say to me “I looked online for a website designer.” They looked at five different websites, the ones that had photos of the actual team they’re going to be working with, the actual office, they picked. Every time, even though it costs more money, because they could see they’ll be working with a real team.

Increase Perceived Value

A lot of times there aren’t any pictures, or it’s all stock photos. That can cause some doubt. Also perceived value can be elevated with the type of imagery that you’re putting out there. I’m an expert at that, I can help you if you’re struggling or people are constantly questioning your price point, or they’re not buying your high end product.

We can take a look at the images that you’re putting out there and the quality and see if improving the overall brand image can help. What’s going on in the background? How’s the lighting? How’s the color? The wrong color can affect our perceived value.

So those are just a few of the ways that we can help you with your visual communications. We’re not just creating pretty pictures for you, though our images will look nice. Our ultimate goal with your images is to help you sell your products and services. So, until next time, have a great day.

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