When Victoria Ferro, nicknamed ‘The Bra Whisperer’ sold her bridal salon on the East Coast and moved on out to the West Coast, she did not know if she would open another bridal salon or not. She got a job with Audrey’s Boutique, and after managing the shop for years, in Dec. 2012 she made the decision to buy the shop! Audrey’s is Spokane’s oldest privately owned boutique and has been around for 50 years. Because of this 50 year legacy, when Victoria bought the shop she decided to keep the name and just tweak her branding a little bit. Tanya, founder of WorkStory Photography, has known Victoria for over five years and often sends her clients to consult with Victoria. Whether you are getting Headshots, Video footage, or a full on Branding Strategy session, the clothing that you wear can make or break your photographs.
As you progress through the branding process, WorkStory Photography will meet with you to go over what existing pieces in your wardrobe would be appropriate for your brand BUT sometimes a few new pieces are needed for your wardrobe to bring your photographs to that next level. This is where Victoria comes in.

How to Choose the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Branding Photoshoot

  • Start with a good foundation – Well fitting undergarments (bra and undies) that work well with the clothing you are going to be wearing (no muffin tops, hamburger bun bellies, etc). Our bodies morph as we age, therefore, our clothing styles may need to change. Yes, this includes our undergarments. Get a bra fitting if you haven’t had one in a while.
  • When you look in your closet, pick out that outfit that makes you feel empowered, your wonder woman armor. What about it makes you feel amazing? The color? The fit? Now go find more pieces that make you feel like that!
  • If you are busty then stay monochromatic. Large prints or a change in color on the top half will make you look like a square box or draw more attention there.
  • Take a video of yourself talking and re-watch it. Look at your whole presence. Do you slouch? Where does your clothing fall, what parts are snug, and do the colors wash you out?
  • Different layers can change the wardrobe without actually having to go change in a dressing room, saving time and hassle on the day of your shoot.
  • How to tell which colors will look good on you? Put an outfit on, watch your lighting and make sure it is going to be the same type of lighting that you will have at your photoshoot, and see how it looks. How do you feel? Try it on without makeup. If it looks good with your skin tone without makeup then it will look FABULOUS with makeup on.
The right clothes can make you feel confident and empowered, and feeling confident and empowered on the day of your photoshoot will make all the difference in the outcome of the shoot! Clothes really do make the man/woman.

Timeless Clothing Items That are Flattering for Everyone

  • A button down white shirt with pearls – This gives you a classy executive look. Make it your own style by changing up the pearls (chunky choker or long) or by changing up the shirt (pop the collar, tucked in or not).
  • A shaped blazer that fits well – not one that fits well unbuttoned, but one that REALLY fits well.
  • A nice fitting denim jacket.
  • Blank canvas clothing – a piece of clothing that has a muted print or no print that you can add layers to.
At WorkStory Photography our goal is to tell your story through photographs, to bring all of the attention to your face, not stopping somewhere in the middle focusing on non-fitting clothing or a massive logo (unless it is your own, of course)! Victoria has really enjoyed consulting with some of WorkStory’s clients and the product of Tanya’s expertise.
I stalk your photography! You have blossomed as a photographer and I can tell which photos are yours because of your wonderful distinct way of portraying women. The way that you pose individuals always makes the face the focal point but I am forced to take in the whole picture as well!

Tanya’s Suggestions for Wardrobe Success on the Day of Your Photoshoot

How to bring your clothes.
  • ALWAYS bring your clothing on hangers and in a garment bag. In Spokane, you never know what kind of weather it will be. Rain, snow, dust storm…a garment bag will prevent anything from soiling those freshly pressed or steamed and lint free clothing.
  • Bring several outfits to try. We may not know what will work well with your surroundings until we are there.
Looking for a stylist for your next photoshoot or just need a new bra? Call Audrey’s Boutique at 509-324-8612 and Victoria will hook you up.

Looking to elevate your brand or create a new one?

Schedule a WorkStory BrandStorm

The WorkStory BrandStorm is a deep dive brainstorm interview where we get to know everything about your business, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re looking to go. We will identify what your compelling brand story is and a plan for exactly what it looks like to infuse that into your branding and marketing so you can attract more ideal clients. Then you can decide to hire us to execute the plan or do it in-house. The plan itself is a valuable roadmap for you and your business, so it’s a win either way! The cost of the BrandStorm will be applied to your package when you decide to hire us.

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