You should hire a photographer who specializes in visual communications if you want to use the images to market or brand your business. 

Rather than hiring a regular portrait photographer or your uncle Bob.

Someone like WorkStory Photography is going to be an expert in branding, marketing and design. Before I became a photographer, I was a graphic designer. I studied that in college, I worked for 20 years in marketing, branding and design and I know what kind of images are going to work well in those realms. Anything that you need to visually communicate your message to your audience. If you want to prompt the user to think something about you or do something, buy something. All of those things. So we specialize in that.

They Know What You DON’T Know

Spend your money wisely. You might spend a little bit more but you’re going to get a better outcome, you’re hiring someone who specializes in creating something that’s going to get a result for you. Also, someone who has worked as a designer, creating ads, creating content, blogs that kind of thing, is going to know what works as far as different platforms go. I’m keeping an eye out for if you’re going to use these images for Facebook headers, I know we can make long skinny images with room for text. We want to make sure we’re framing photos in ways that can accommodate multiple crops – like for Facebook, Instagram, print ads, billboards – they’re all very different platforms, and the images have to be sized, cropped, in the right dimension for those things. 

Someone who has created graphics for all of those things, which I have, is going to keep all of this in mind. I had one client who hired me and I thought we were just doing headshots. Afterwards, they mentioned ‘We’re going to put this image on a billboard.’ Luckily it worked out because I shoot in high resolution. If I had not been shooting in a format that worked for billboards we might have had to redo that. Knowing what you are going to use your images for is important, as each format requires a different approach.

They Know The Right Questions to Ask

Also, a person specializing in visual communications is going to know the right questions to ask you. Like I mentioned with the Billboard – I didn’t ask them ahead of time – I now have that as part of my onboarding process. How are you gonna use your photos? Well the reason I ask that is so that I can ask you more questions, and make sure I‘m delivering to you images that will be usable and optimized for the platform. 

They Help You Reach Your Goal Faster & Easier

So, the most important distinction, I can say as to why you should hire someone who specializes in creating images for marketing, is that they are going to help you create images that are going to sell your product and service. That’s the biggest difference, rather than hiring someone who specializes in capturing memories, special moments or telling the story of day. Telling the story of a day is really amazing, and there’s a lot of value in that. But the photographer is not necessarily trained to help you sell. That’s the main distinction. I hope that’s helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to me my email is: 

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