Elevate Your Brand Image with Storytelling Content that Sells

Want to elevate the look of your brand and authentically show your story so you can attract and book more qualified clients?

What is WorkStory Branding Photography?

The average consumer sees 5000 advertising images each day. How will you and your business manage to stand out?


Strategically created photography and videos that communicate the unique story and value of your brand with a highly professional look will help you rise above. Ditch the DIY photos, yellow skin tones and blurry selfies that take hours to create (seriously!) and let WorkStory help you craft a corporate or personal brand image that looks legit.

Are you ready for a massive shift in your business?

Engineering firms, dental clinics, medical spas, life coaches… service-based & online businesses all over the Inland Northwest come to us for professional marketing photos. They notice a massive shift in their business after they hire us.

It’s suddenly easy and fun to post on social media, update your website and publish print & digital ads. You start getting more clients and better clients. The perception of who you are and how much your service is worth rises up.

A Picture's Worth...$450,000?

Watch this video to find out how Amy and the Mike Bass & Associates team consistently sell multi millions in Real Estate every year with the help of their WorkStory Branding Photography images.

Building the 6-Figure Coaching Brand of Her Dreams

Neill created a 6-figure coaching business and relied on WorkStory to create the visuals to communicate the value of what she offers.

"Working with Tanya was AMAZING! Her team was very supportive and attentive and she really just made the entire experience easy and fun. Now that I have this library of images created just for me, my website and online marketing align with the brand I've always wanted to have. My clients now have a better idea of who they are hiring. They connect with me before they even meet me in person because the images tell my story. It was 100% worth it to hire WorkStory. I use the images in every aspect of my business."

--Neill Williams, Master Certified Life Coach


Establishing Trust with the First Impression

Dr. DeFelice hired WorkStory to help establish trust with potential new patients. About 80% of their new patients find them online and search their website or social media before booking. They wanted to project a first impression that they are nice, fun people and not just boring dentists. They also wanted to show that although they offer a holistic approach to dentistry and have been in business for over 60 years, they utilize the latest technology in their office.


“Patients want to see you and get to know you before coming in to the office. Dentistry is largely based on trust. Patients have a lot of fear when choosing a dentist. We like to establish trust with the first impression online. The photos and videos WorkStory created have helped us accomplish this more effectively.


“Tanya has a knack for capturing us in action so a patient knows what to expect when walking into our office before actually walking in. Patients feel like they already know us. We presented my new associate well with photos and videos online, thanks to WorkStory!”


--Dr. Louise DeFelice, DDS

Defelice Dentistry

Leveling up your Brand Image is easy and fun with our 3 Step WorkStory Experience...

Your WorkStory Brand Photography session is designed to make every step of the process easy, fast and enjoyable for you, even if you hate having your picture taken or don't think you're "photogenic". Together we plan everything out in advance. What to wear, styling, locations and models (if needed) and we develop a shot list and itinerary to maximize efficiency during the shoot. We’ll even help you brainstorm ideas for how to utilize your brand images to market and advertise your business.

how to choose the right branding photographer for your business in spokane wa
what happens after your photoshoot? our editing and retouching process

1. Pre-production Planning

We help you plan for a successful shoot. Shot list, itinerary, inspiration board, locations, models, outfits, props... We take care of everything so you don't have to stress.

2. Your Photoshoot

We take care of lighting, posing, directing and styling the scene. Since we've planned for every possible scenario, your job is to just show up. We do the rest! 

3. Post-Production Processing

This is where the magic happens. We polish up your photos with color correction, cropping and retouching to take your brand image from regular to ultra-professional.

So, how much does it cost?

Clients invest anywhere from $750 to $20,000+ per year with us on their content creation. The average personal brand or local service based business spends $3250 to $5000 on a photo and/or video shoot.


The cost includes strategy, planning, the photo/video shoot, editing and retouching and a commercial usage license.

Well, what are you waiting for?

If you know you want to project a more professional image online, establish trust with potential clients and sell more high ticket services, schedule a call with Tanya today! Our photoshoot calendar books out at least a month in advance and we only work with a select number of clients, so don't delay. There's no time like the present!